Update of conditions 

Please note: As of 1st January 2022, the conditions for receiving support from ProKilowatt have been changed. Transformers must now have an efficiency higher than the legal minimum. The maximum values for no-load losses can be consulted at this link, starting from paragraph 4.10.3. This change does not affect projects for which the first audit was carried out before 1.1.2022.

The program

The OTIC program is a ProKilowatt subvention program offering industrials a subtancial financial help to encourage them renewing old and less efficient transformers as well as their cabled links with newer models benefiting from a better energy efficiency as well as better performances.

The objective

The online platform aims at helping industrials estimate the potential energy economy as well as the subventions they could gain from the OTIC program. All computations are automatically looking into the information provided on the platform. You can easily compare your existing installation to new models available on the market. A reference database is available to simulate potential gains and the user has the possibility to upload its own quotations to compute the subvention using supplier-provided data.

The approach

Several mechanisms are available on the platform for each user to estimate the potential of an installation. Based on the characteristics of this installation, the user can compare different models to find out which is more efficient energetically and productively. In order to validate a subvention request, a proof of buying as well as test certificates must be uploaded (and will be requested if they aren't present). The following schema shows the different steps introduced in the validation process:


Request a subvention


The program is financed by:

The action is supported by the encouragement program ProKilowatt directed by the Federal energy office of Switzerland.

The organization designated to support the program is Planair SA, bureau SIA certified engineering bureau specialized in energy efficiency and renewable energies as well as conducting many kind of constructing tasks.

Contact us when you'd like to get an expertise or simply ask a few OTIC-related questions to our staff:

c/o Planair SA
Rue Galilée 6
1400 Yverdon-les-Bains

024 566 52 28